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Intake rocker arm clips
My earlier post said valve springs but what I need are intake rocker arm clips. FSM shows them but not seeing them on SW suzuki site. Will call them Monday but any other ideas if they don't stock them ? Thanks
that makes far easy, and not.
easy, onlySuzuki sell them. they are unique to this 1 designed head.

there are 3 different springs.
valve springs, around the valve stem. huge coil springs.
then the rocker head shaft spacer side springs , small coil springs. front to rear, on shaft.
and last the rocker, follower retainer springs, #11 these are very odd looking, double horseshoe clips, and yes, they love to break. not sure why, but mileage tops lists.
yes, the Suzuki online DB sucks, for their older cars,(only)
they have the parts, but the DB was never flushed out for old cars. and well never ever be.

on my parts finder page is this link

and see PDF page 12, part 11.
see that part. is that the part/?

The best way to work on G16 is to get the book.

here they all are. (as you can see , not too rare yet_

You need and EPC or the hardcopy parts list (fleabay has the latter) to look up all parts, the buy by the p/n/
or call them and take a chance you get the right springs ,
or better walk in, show the man, and get the spring.

Suzuki is an underdog.

fixing cars is easy , getting parts, the right part, and quality , now that takes magic.
I dont claim to have it, but know their online data base does SUCK swamp gas.

many of the parts are only at 1 of three USA main warehouses, so 3 days to dealer and 3 days they ship to you and well 10 -15days later you get it.
if dealer in town, 3 days to get, most time G16 parts are not in stock. local.
That is the part I need. The Geo Tracker FSM for 1995 shows the spring also but uses a GM/Geo part #? Will try SW suzuki Monday and hope they have them. Thanks
GM might have it, i dont have GM p/n , indexes and awhile back then started using all GM new part-numbers making the older books useless.
many folks report, GM counter folks, "what's GEO?" they say? not all, just many.

Suzuki knows the parts, if you find any NIS, not is stock report that to me and i will add it to the hard to find page.
and try to find alternates.

good luck to you!
hoffy30, I bought these clips from SW Suzuki three months ago. I hope they still have them.
1996 Geo Tracker, CAMI, 16 valve, 5sp, 4x4, soft top, 2 door, no a/c
I BOUGHT 2 IN 2010 , they fail easy.
they answer phone or email questions. best is email with finger pointing to the part in car, in head.

works every time.

Id buy 1 extra, after all , you think they will be sold 5 years from now, by anyone>? and if one fails, in 97k like mine, more will soon.
Ordered 10 of the springs today from SW Suzuki. He said they had quite a few still on hand in the system. Thanks for the help
this is very good news.
did you get the p/n?
ill put that in the hard page.

a soul sourced part. uno.
(08-28-2013, 02:30 AM)fixkick Wrote: this is very good news.
did you get the p/n?
ill put that in the hard page.

a soul sourced part. uno.

P/N is 12849-71C03
thanks its now linked , and in fact linked to all 3 springs. direct to the suzuki diagram page.

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