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failed smog because of fuel evap leak
hello and greatings....
sidekick, not tracker ,OK.
1995, OK.
what trans mission, ? 3sp/4sp or 5speed, (keep in mind your engine swap fools me, util i know what you are driving, Drive line)
95 kick, 16valve MPI, some trans, some doors, please answer some)

yes, no CAM fill flash makes shadows. im all wrong, the hoses are correct, it looked all the world the mod was hosed up to a/t port
its not
yes, the shops smog remove cap, test cap by self, then set it on a bench
and then pressurize the tank with inert nitrogen, (using air is dangerous in pro shop with gas) 1 spark and boom if air is uses. or a leak of vent air. boom.
safety first.
i use air, im not afraid, and no spark in driveway, and no smokers.
the problem is simple , your vents leak. its just tank, hose and 1 valve. there. one leaks. air. (breached)
you failed the vent leak down tests.

that photo to is only for the 3speed , only. if you dont have a 3speed,, then it sucks are, bad that real bad, lean engine.. good way to burn valve.s
THE 3SP CAR MODULATOR HAS NO RELATION SHIP TO EGR MODULATOR. AT ALL, (One uses hard vacuum ,, egr uses smart ported vacuum and uses its own ports)

the egr is mandatory, if it is connected wrong you get code 51 (usa, only) and fail instantly. (huge numbers of causes)
what matters are tank vents.
have you looked under rear fender wells. with flash light for top of tank rust or hose damage on both sides
to do that magic, jack rear body only not axle, the body rises and not tires, making the view over top of tires more easy.

am still at loss where you put and eraser.
did you put a 3speed engine in 5speed car or 4speed? (no problem but needs changes)

tire view right

see cave in
see all those, non fuel lines, those are called vents.
and they just not leak.
finding leaks here,takes hard work.
even dropping the tank and pressure testing all and or simple inspection.... omg rust , omg hose is like gram-crackers. leaks like sieve.
and more,, all parts (not fuel) are suspect. its and air tight system on all cars. and if leaks, you fail smog,
in some states .) this test1, and the testing ends. why go farther.?
see raw fuel leaks there, damp rings on top ,wet./????
find a shop that can fix this,

id crawl under, ever been there? just in front of tank, huge space there,
then inspect. this is like 1st deal
even loose clamp..... found. or? over 20 things that can leak on top of tank, its full of seals and hoses.

or this bad

or make your own pressure tester and use soap spray
there is no other ways, (unless you can do vacuum tested, but vacuum sucks and makes no bubbles. so takes sonic vacuum leak detecting tool)
unless super lucky and can shake car hard, parked, and see hoses or seals, go wet. top of tank.
luck happens.


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