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Lifter or cam follower popped out?
Got a 95 USA LXJ? 5 speed 4wd 1.6 16v Kick that's been family owned and seldom driven since new. Has 77 thousand miles on the ODO if I remember correctly. Ive been going through the vehicle and am at the point of adjusting the valves.

I am adjusting them all to .008. Got to cylinder 3 intake the short cam follower right under the cam and when I went to tighten it it twisted out to under the cam and between the valve springs. Angry

I managed to get it out and put it back into place but the wire holding it to the rocker shaft is all bent up.

Does it just sit there between the cam and valve top? Does it need that piece of wire to hold it in place? Can I use some picture hanging or magnet wire to secure it?


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Lifter or cam follower popped out? - by Cobb - 12-22-2017, 11:00 PM

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