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Code 12
89 tracker 4x4 Have been fighting coughing erratic throttle,took it to work on in my Sons garage yesterday .While opening garage door I then returned to pull it in and it had died. Wont hit a lick, getting fuel but no spark, checked fuses,resistence at coil, I'm getting a code 12, guess ill pull ecm for bad ground or whatever. any other suggestions? recent timing belt,crank pully cked and torqued. Previous owner hacked the ignition and replaced ignition switch with toggle and push button start. never had issue in 3 years iv owned it. I kinda like it cause I can let it warm up in the Midwest winter and lock the steering column. Had been fighting high idle issue also, cleaned throttle body,w/new gaskets of corse, new vacuum lines. cal. TBS , checked and cleaned EGR. The hits just keep on coming.
fix spark, it cant run with the spark dead.
the coil is first connect a spark wire and test spark plug to that first (grounded shell)
this cars ECU DOES NOT MAKE SPARK ever. (its a fuel only ECU)
if that fails the coil or , distirbutor, ignitor or VR detectors are bad (bad distrib)

all old sidekick tracker fail, now, old parts. all fail.
work dead spark.
1: the coil has 2 low voltage lugs, key one and + lug goes to 12vdc, if not bingo. IG-coil fuse blown or wire hacking by the BADGUYS
2: test spark at coil HV tower, if dead there, there really is no spark,.
3: if no spark next try testing this pin.

see brown-white wire, if its not pulsing cranked the ignitor is dead, or the distrib rotor does not spin and cam is dead.
crank spins then cam spins then VR pulses and rotor spins and the coil is charged (ignitor) and released and spark happens, even with NO ECU present. (89/90)


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