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Trouble Installing Dizzy - jimlindenfelser - 11-29-2015

Having trouble aligning dizzy. I have a 16v engine out of a 95 Sidekick 4 door

Crank Alignment

Cam Alignment

Rotate crank 360 degrees for #1 firing. Insert Dizzy. This is where the bolt hole ends up with rotor at #1.

If I have engine at #4 firing, and can get the bolt hole centered in the dizzy flange with rotor on #1. But obviously that is not right. Rotor is japanes made and only fits one way. Engine has been rebuilt and crank key is in great shape.


RE: Trouble Installing Dizzy - gorkyb - 11-29-2015

Hi Jim, to time the distributor at 1 o'clock the crank gear should be aligned with the mark (like you show in your picture) but the cam gear should have the "E" pointing straight down at 6 o'clock (not at 12 o'clock like your picture shows)

Congrats on your rebuilt engine.

RE: Trouble Installing Dizzy - jimlindenfelser - 11-29-2015

Yes that is what i did. I was just showing that I had the timing set up correctly. And then I rotated the crank till the E was pointing at 6 o'clock before trying to set distributor

RE: Trouble Installing Dizzy - fixkick - 11-29-2015

spark is done #1 firing not 4 but you can in fact time at #4, only means the book instructions are now wrong, it uses #1. (all books in print)
whats different?, just that the #4 rotor now point to #4 not 1.
The maker did that so they didnt need 4 photos and 4 sets of instructions, and the firing ordes is 1,3,4,2
and folks get confused with 4,2,1,3 order, laying down the hv fires. (scratch head)

so if rotor was to be at #1 (1,3,4,2 )order.
then where would the rotor point for #4 , easy 180degrees on rotor to opposite of 1pm.
curious why not do it the book way, with cam mark E , at 6pm. and crank at TDC 0 ( valve lash #1 loose)

cam e key is at 6pm for #4 firing (for belt timing)
cam e key is at 12pm for #1 firing. (for distrib. timing)

good a fitting rotor, one less variable....

the red dot is at 4 now. rotor tip.
[Image: firing16v.jpg]

cam as you had it (e at 12pm mark)
rotate crank 360degrees, cam move 180 deg.
e mark at 6pm
#1 valves loose (lash)
drop rotor, it has only 13 teeth,
drop rotor so that rotor points to #1 like above, centered on cap #1 HV post. (cap on, cap off, yah its right
clamp the bolt down on side, then start it and set timing with timing freeze jumper in places to hood sticker timing, 5d BTDC?

i added your far better photo to my time page, and credit
Jim L.

RE: Trouble Installing Dizzy - fixkick - 11-29-2015

21 steps here. (long play)

RE: Trouble Installing Dizzy - jimlindenfelser - 11-30-2015

I do have the engine at number 1 firing. E at 6pm. Pictures were just to show that belt was timed correctly. I have read through your timing page and followed as best as I could understand.

I said the engine is from a 95 but should clarify that it is for a 95. I originally sourced the engine from a 92. The engine was from the local pull and save that I rebuilt to install in my samurai. I did have to source some parts from different vehicles. but it does have all the parts to make it a 95. Camshaft appears to be the same part number throughout the years. Distributor part # correct for a 95. I am wondering if something along those lines could be messing me up.


RE: Trouble Installing Dizzy - fixkick - 11-30-2015

sorry got lost in your steps.
cam key in E slot? cant see it with lighting in photos.
so it dont start? is that it.?
have a timing light, in tool box? ,its $20 tool.
if yes, you can crank all day (battery willing) and see it fire #1 at 0 on the crank
are the wire laid down, 1,3,4,2, CCW?
if yes, then it will start with test fuel.. now. spark , timed, and wired right, it will start. and run for 3 seconds on test fuel.
for sure.
i can see the cam is timed right, cept e slot.
is compression over 150psi? this passing also proves the cam was timed correctly.
most do 170 cold and way more hot.
92-95 are all same G16b. totally.. in usa.

im sure valve lash is by the book ,right?

RE: Trouble Installing Dizzy - jimlindenfelser - 11-30-2015

Its actually not in vehicle yet. Was just adjusting valves and making sure everything was set up right. I have to take care of some rust issued in engine bay and work on wiring first. My distributor just does not sit the way I read it should on your pages and FSM. I can just hold off and try starting it the way I have it once in vehicle if you think I should.

RE: Trouble Installing Dizzy - fixkick - 11-30-2015

ok, you got me..

the fsm who;'s fsm
GM geo tracker (full of lies)
or Suzuki. (dead accurate)
the GM book has photos of wrong distributor and wrong rotor direction. and more..
or do you mean autostore rags..?

if the #1 cylinder is firing
and the rotor aligned with #1 distrib cap post. it will run. 1,3,4,2 CCW lay out. of wire.
good engine
good spark
good timing,
runs. (at least on test fuel it will)

there are other horrors I should not speak, seen some wild stuff, (stripped out front damper pulley inside rubber,makes marks all lies.or dizzy gear on backwards.

most the lies in GM books are 1996 year, the only free one.... sadly.

RE: Trouble Installing Dizzy - jimlindenfelser - 11-30-2015

It is the suzuki fsm. I will hold off till engine is installed and I can try starting it. Was just concerned because it did not match pictures I had seen of bolt hole being centered in distributor flange.