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Looking for a TCC solenoid - maquette - 06-11-2018 11:18 PM

I am desperately looking for a KNOWN source to buy a TCC solenoid for my 1998 four door Sidekick JX, 4x4, 4 speed auto trans (03-72LE), 1.6L engine. I have posted in other forums and searched in many, many, many places with no luck.

Thanks in advance for any assistance. If you can lead me to one I will be forever indebted to your good grace.


RE: Looking for a TCC solenoid - fixkick - 06-12-2018 12:34 AM

redux 1
Suzuki does sell it for over $400 , they list it online, as sold, (add to cart etc)
ive no idea at all why you need this part.?
DTC error only (never proves 1 part is bad, ever, only that there is a problem related to TCC lockup or the transmission slips, the TCM is not smart enough to know this, until newer cars added more speed sensors, some have 4)
SOL 1, COIL measures infinity and that is bad.

?I cant know the story, and lacking this what if it took huge labor and time to find a part that is not bad./?
if it is bad , it is not an easy part to find.
know that only 1 in 1,000,000 suzuki owners fix the insides of any A/T (over and above say the filter)
that means the 10 stores (auto) in town do not sell these. after all why stock and sell parts, folks never ever ask for, (same at rockauto) ? they don't. even if they could find it, and I bet cant.
Parts come from warehouses for transmission ONLY, (of clones off fleabay if super lucky)
In most autorepair service shops do not fix A/T ever, unless a known part is tested bad and they can find it in say 2 hours labor, searching every where house on earth,

So that begs the question
what do trans shops do, well most will not tell you how to fix a trans, diagnose one nor there secret parts sources, (be a conflict of their interest to do so,,, big time)

I see that most parts warehouses (tranny only)
do not even cover suzuki at all or not this old.
do not cover A44DEs at all . or only Volvos, with the E on the end missing, no TCM Volvos
the 1999 MX5 Mazda had this same box, (my wife had one) as did Mazda, van (forget model name, MPV or ?>)
The houses also sell all other parts inside, clutch , and all parts to the rear.
they Sell $500 VB rebuilts.
but many do not sell, the solinoids for the A44DE box, at all,
id have to call every one personally and ask,

My guess over 50 exist world wide.

your part number is here, part ID #25, see it?


go here

then past that number above there. and bingo, I told you they had it. (i see only 2 places in usa that have this, both suzuki)

fixing suzuki easy]
finding parts, not so.... easy and worse every day forward in time...

ill will try a direct link to the part, at suzuki​DSuzuki%26year%3D1995%26model%3DSidekick%26submodel%3DJX%26searchText%3D26592%2D​57bT0

the parts pages (Suzuki sold parts books, for years, not now)
here is one. excerpt. this is what they seen on there screens.

RE: Looking for a TCC solenoid - maquette - 06-12-2018 02:38 AM

[quote='fixkick' pid='10007' dateline='1528727664']
there are many sources of parts.
my page :? see slide show on it.

Well, I certainly have lots more to read! :>) I have called several parts places and been to three different tranny shops and haven't found what I'm looking for yet. The reference I was using was the 1997 Suzuki Supplemental Service Manual 1600. On page 7B1-56 it makes reference to three solenoids. Shift Solenoid A (1) and Shift Solenoid B (2). Then it shows TCC (Lock-up) solenoid valve, which is the one I want. Of course they show no part number so when I call a parts place or go to a shop I'm right back at square one. Two places I did try with no luck was WIT transmission parts and Rostra. So far no luck there. Rock Auto and the others, same deal. I honestly believe that if I had the correct parts number, I might be able to find it.

I really appreciate your help and I will research through your suggestions.



RE: Looking for a TCC solenoid - fixkick - 06-13-2018 12:48 AM

calling parts places is not effective, as in autoparts places (napa,autozoned,advanced auto, pepboys, Grandauto LA, ABC auto, O'reallys(sp), etc) they do not sell this part., we know that, vast persons asking on all forums , this topic A44de PARTS.
only the transmissions only warehouses sell these parts if the $420 + tax +ship costs at SUZUKI real is too much.
the trans is very old now, and very few on the the road .

what part number do you want, there is only 4 numbers, the one I gave suzuki # above and the GM (geo number) (i dont have gm numbers)
the 3rd number is the number that AISIN maker used, and is some kind of secret , after all they do not sell transmissions ever to persons, only car companies.
Suzuki then engineers it to there TCM (2 types) then assigns only SUZUKI numbers to parts, as my PDF above clearly shows.

a 4th possibility exists. aftermarket , solenoid makers, (non OEM)
good luck there.
if rockauto can;t find them why think you can? sorry but why?
I do hope you can but how, call them all world wide,? (ouch)
after all most parts are from ASIA now or Mexico. now, sadly....
can you speak 5 languages?

RE: Looking for a TCC solenoid - fixkick - 06-13-2018 12:57 AM

but,, there are limits to life....... every machine has and end point, where parts are super hard to find. (on classic cars we reman the part, even rewinding the coil inside if bad)
on most classic cars we drop in a rebuilt box. (exchanged for $1500 up) that is what shops do, too, or tow it to AAMCO.
A/T are full of parts, that all like to fail after say 25 years. (clutch packs big time)
we can find most parts, but not this one,

RE: Looking for a TCC solenoid - maquette - 06-13-2018 03:01 AM

(06-13-2018 12:57 AM)fixkick Wrote:  A/T are full of parts, that all like to fail after say 25 years. (clutch packs big time)
we can find most parts, but not this one,

I'm going to keep looking for this part and in the meantime I think I'll keep an eye out for a parts car that may have the tranny like mine. The car is still driveable, it's just a PITA when it won't lock up like it should.

Again I thank you for your effort and you can bet if I find one I'll come back and let you know.


RE: Looking for a TCC solenoid - fixkick - 06-13-2018 03:34 AM

no problem
suzuki sells it, my guess is the price is too high,
maybe they (SUZ)_knows its not sold so jack up their prices.
if you find a aftermarket supplier , please do show sources,,,, many have asked on the 3 top forums, no hits yet.
with the 4speed.

RE: Looking for a TCC solenoid - fixkick - 06-13-2018 04:16 AM

tests: (which all posts started with why is TCC lock dead, ask why first)? You never once told me why you know its bad, or how your proved it or , its just a guess, (hope is ok if easy to do)
have you measured the coil resistance? on the SOL1?
the OHMS, connector pulled.
2:have you measured the voltage on that pin, with jumper wire (sol1) to a cab voltmeter (dmm) to see if you get 12vdc at the TCC lockup moments? (be wise to do that)
OMG i never get 12vdc there, at any speed on flat ground.
what not it be a shame to rip a trans to 100 of pieces and later find it was not in the box. at all, we have like 10 posts where folks did that. (on other forums vast post)
the #1 reason why (the owners thinks DTCs tell you what part is bad, and nothing can be further from the truth)
(have you cleaned the rear VSS sensors yet, clean off that mud (metal mud it is) clean it off now. costs nothing to clean hall sensor at all, just do it,
learn that the PCM loves to hide errors,. until you do 3 trips(key on trips) this fools so many folks this fact. (hint always scan driving full speed at TCC chart stated conditions see of PENDINGS SHOW ERRORS OF ANY KIND < IN MOTION (hint2 it takes 2 persons or own a real scanner that can log data)

if number 2 fails, the TCM is bad not the TCC SOL1. (or the below called TCM inputs wrong, lots)
The TCM is a brain, a computer, in this case its (2nd process in the PCM)

the TCM also has limphome mode, and ends the TCC feature .
the TCM is scanned with the OBD2 full tool a real scanner that can see all DTCs of any kind are present for sure in motion, ECU side and TCM side of the PCM.
a full scan may show other TCM errors you missed. or engine issues, (sensors etc) did you know some many sensors reading wrong can cause TCC failure.(by design)

the TCM has 2 modes, normal and limphome.
in limphome it also skips , 2nd gear.
I will not pretend to know how ever line of code behaves in your PCM firmware, (nobody does) but will say this is a good list, if you study TCMs serious.

I always make sure there are not other OBD2 full scan DTC errors of any kind whatsoever first.
any thing that can lie about RPM,
Temperature (on my wife jeep it delays many thing even if the trans temp sensor reads wrong) on your car the ECT is that sensor. engine temp.
and speed and load and RPM and others.
if the TCM SECTION gets errors from the engine RPM (this is Tranny input rpm #1, and most not be wrong)
then the tail shaft sensor on the transmission , TAIL RPM that is. (is MPH too, the PCm computes speed off axle gears and RPM)

or the ENGINE LOADS work say the MAF sensor is telling lies, that equates to load, and will confuse any TCM.
the TCM (is part of the PCM) the TCM also looks at throttle angle (TPS) if this is wrong, the TCM will get confused.
the transmission also has kick=down cable what it is bad or set wrong, would would the TCM do, well I will tell you, TCC will fail. as that cable is passing gear cable, means driver
wants to go faster, or pass or accelerate and the TCM takes the TCC off line, in 1 second flat or disables it.

this is how TCM work, if you study now it works you will begin to see it is anything but simple.
I hope my post is singing to the Choir.

lets work 12vdc never makes it to SOL1.
wire cut to it?
TCM bad (means PCM bad they are all in one)
ECT bad.
engine thermostat bad, engine runs cold, TCM does not like that
Kickdown cable jammed, or set wrong, and TCM can not understand what to do , with the gross error condition. (it thinks, gee why does driver always wanting pass on the highway)
TPS bad. reads wrong or calibrated wrong.
ENgine load reported wrong to the TCM side. (lots of causes)
Engine RPM wrong, reported to TCM side (not likely but must be on the list of inputs) is engine misfiring? DTC+ P03xx codes>?
Does any speed sensor read wrong, the VSS1 or VSS2, VSS1 is n tail of trans, VSS2 is inside MPH gauge. VSS2 is backup sensor for the trans.
MAF reading wrong shows load (air flow) too high for REALITY. (most times its too low and just a dirty maf )
That is all I can think of in a tight list. and #2 fails above.

what if the PCM saw loads to high
lets say the an axle bearing is going bad, and the 95 HP at the flywheel is not making it to the tires and road
but is making only heat with a seizing bearing.
The PCM sees load way too high for speed, X and cuts THE TCC as the tables for TCC show.
The PCM reports, LOAD, with the scan tool. you can see if load is to high. live scanned in motion.

now the chart (not all that good but all we have)

as you can see there is no TCC on on heavy loads. (load can be MAF air flow + TPS angle and for sure kickdown cable)
the kick cable cause fluid leak in the main shifting gallery line, this cause later shifts this leak, (valve) later shifts, means 3rd gear is later

[Image: 4sp-power-button2w.jpg]