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Swift ECU 33920-72C1 pinout - kurt_ - 11-15-2017 12:43 AM

Hi there from Poland,
does anyone have wiring schematics for 1.6L 16V TBI swift engine (black round air filter) with ECU:

1.6 SPI MT
I bought samurai with such engine swap and are looking for pinout to get rid with instalation Smile

RE: Swift ECU 33920-72C1 pinout - fixkick - 11-15-2017 01:40 AM

welcome !!!!
finding books on Suzuki is not easy at all, for sure old ones. (new , sold at suz, store ask)
most books like this are now gone. (hen's teeth rare)
but are all sold by country.'
each car as wiring and vast things different by country,
different ECU
Different, smog rules, and parts related and the ECU too.
Diff, lighting
diffr, brake systems (USA is governed by DOT )
and more lots more. endless... really.

this means you need to find a book for your car for Poland if it was bought there
the hood sticker sells you what market it (laws) it was built for. in all cases.

see market 24 here, this is just one of over 50 markets, the SUZ builds to.
code 24 is market. code E70 IS Poland... if you see a different code, then tell it and i have it.
if you lost the original car body,? oops.

a schematic for what exactly
try to be clear on what you need, or what fails to work and all that first.
the story.
for sure on any FrankenSammy

what Id do is find out first what SWIFT it came from first, year and country it came out of.
then buy the Swift book for that engine.

that is what I'd do. If lucky ebay has them, did you look there first. ?

RE: Swift ECU 33920-72C1 pinout - kurt_ - 11-15-2017 03:52 AM

Pinout of ECU exactly i would like to see,

Sorry, i have no more info about swift, i recognised engine by parts (how it looks), when i bought Samurai, it was already swaped by previous owner. (And when i bought it i was informed that it's vitara engine from 1997 year...ooopsSmile )
I'm not interested in lights, etc... just how to make engine run well (i don't have anything on tachometer, no temperature, no fuel level measurment, just 4wd light and temperature light on/off or not...).
So pinout of computer would be nice, i looked on many datasheets from many different years of build (1992-1998), and it looks like its always same pinology for SPI (but all of them i found are for 1.3 engine... i havent found anything for 1.6) ... i think it's not trueSmile

RE: Swift ECU 33920-72C1 pinout - kurt_ - 11-16-2017 06:07 AM

Fixkick, maybe You have any 1.6l pinouts of swift/geo metro ECUs?

RE: Swift ECU 33920-72C1 pinout - ArlieMus - 11-20-2017 03:26 AM

Thanks for the insights. I had no idea this stuff was so rare nowadays.

RE: Swift ECU 33920-72C1 pinout - fixkick - 11-20-2017 04:35 AM

(11-20-2017 03:26 AM)ArlieMus Wrote:  Thanks for the insights. I had no idea this stuff was so rare nowadays.

its not that the ECU are so rare, as they are horded,
ever use google and see those huge prices on ECU, ? $500 and up. hording does that and most are by wrecking yards.
Its rare for these reason:
lacking the VIN code, matching parts is hard, so Ill look in the EPC parts list.
i search your 72C12 and it was in the SF:116 car (means swift cultus and more)
The car is MK2 series in Europe I guess. type 2 engine 1.6L only.
it was used in 15 Euro counties and australia.
the market codes are, 02, 15 to 19, 21,22,25,26,39,53,65, and 66 , 68
you can look that up here
02 is england
70 poland is not listed as sold there, oops
66 is Hungry plant swift,
68 is Ireland
22 is German

lacking the VIN its is impossible to know what country. the other ecu codes (mitsubishi?) are secret to Suzuki, ask them? yet.?
so find a swift book from any of those countries,
US would be in english. so E02, is best.
that ECU was never used in the USA (its illegal here, car or engine or its controls)
E02 swift boot, MK2 era.
off the code book
model code vin (4th./5th)code 63 is your engine, 1.6L MT 2wd, yes they had 4wd ecu and cars
Vin ends in 02 is England UK car and engine and ECU
same as yours.
as for year, best I can tell 1993 to 96 year.

the market code list
is here

so buy UK swift book 93 to 96,is my best guess. 1.6L

RE: Swift ECU 33920-72C1 pinout - kurt_ - 11-20-2017 06:28 AM

Any idea where to get it?

RE: Swift ECU 33920-72C1 pinout - fixkick - 11-20-2017 07:30 AM

(11-20-2017 06:28 AM)kurt_ Wrote:  Any idea where to get it?

used books
go to ebay UK?
or search in google in only UK book stores.?
all those books are now out of print, Suzuki does not sell legacy books, heck even Jeep here stops at 10 year old.

here our ours, on usa. here.
as and example. only, and results all wrong and all that, but shows how to buy used FSM books, factory service manuals.

ill show the top site first, this does not do EU.

does the EU have suzuki page like this, I dont know, but Id try to find it. (we can print to PDF any page seen)


now UK ebay , sad results, I guess the UK has nobody selling books? for suz?
i have EU turned on only and the silly thing floods me with USA sellers, maybe it dont like my USA browers, good luck searching for FSM.
We have 1000s of used online book stores here, more,.
do you ? heck some stores even have forms to fill out to find rare books. and the find them but ours are useless (electrics)​.TRS0&_nkw=suzuki+swift+factory+service+manual+FSM&_sacat=0

or find a Suzuki forum in EU?
all we have here are USA EPA certified, electrics, no EU cars here not a one. (look same but are not)

RE: Swift ECU 33920-72C1 pinout - fixkick - 11-20-2017 07:41 AM

at least you know the books are all in EU and or Australia.
i guess what 1, in a million car owners buy a book>?
that fact makes finding them hard.
We have online manuals here, from 3 top sites. + suzuki. Mitchells, is my fav, of them all.
I've no idea at all what EU has.
sorry, but if you ask there, im sure someone knows the ropes there.

RE: Swift ECU 33920-72C1 pinout - kurt_ - 11-27-2017 05:58 AM

fixkick, if You want i can send You data i found for 1.6 tbi engine from swift.
I got it from guy from romania who got it from australia 5years ago...Smile