1996 to 1998 EGR photos.  G16B MPI engines.
The pre 1995 or all pre 1995.5 years have a  Quad  EGR injector  intake manifold
In truth, there are no less than  5 places to clog, or 8 prior to 1995.5.
Here is but one hole.
Always clean Hole #1 first. (1996+))  This hole is 7/16" (11m) in inside diameter.
 A DEEP LOOK INSIDE !   ,   Now it is cleaned.

More examples.
SEE THAT GREEN TIE WRAP in the throttle body, that hole in there MUST BE FULLY CLEAN !
Photo #7 (hints by DAN)  The steel hose is the SST stainless steel sidewinder, pipe. and like the snake will bite you, it too, likes to clog.

1998 shown !  code P0400.  Gone in 20 miles, code resets self !!! (Typical of all 96 to 98 kicks)
And last and not the least the infamous 1996 to 1998 EGR bottle neck port that loves to clog.
Get a flash light and look here first !
See owner above use a box cutter to block open (orange) the main throttle valve,

The 16Valve ,92 -98 may all look like this, or are very simular.
1997 here.  (typ. 96-98) THROTTLE BODY (TB code SAE)
Photo #8  Up is Up in view: (TPS is on right)  THE THROTTLE IS BLOCKED OPEN !
HOLE one is a mono port EGR injector.  It's just a hole.  Hole 4 need to be clean too, all years.

Photo by: Dan B:
1 = EGR Exhaust port orifice (top #1 spot to clean.) use a 11mm brush ! not 9. the above photo is still clogged ! ouch!
2 = Master cylinder. vacuum booster brake port.
3 = Idle speed adj. bleed hole.  
4 = EGR VSV hose (this is the ported EGR vacuum source, that passes through the EGR VSV valve)
The top rubber hose (outside body) is the EGR ported vacuum and has a hidden top port in side , looking up. (#4)

If you can't see the #1  hole, at all, it is CLOGGED UP. Clean it out. no cost to do that at all , its just carbon in the hole.

Do not pull this welsh  plug below, this is for illustration purposes only,  just jam a wire cable up inside and clean it.

92 -95 do not have this above hole or side tube.  BTW that ground is ECU ground , clean it now., too.

The early intakes have the QUAD port seen here,  look here and cry.

ver 3   2-3-2009    (revised 8/2014 more photos.)